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Our mission is to take the best product available and help homes all across Utah preserve and treat their concrete so that it will last for years.  We pride ourselves in providing honest and hard work to our customers assuring an amazing experience for each home. 

Our company focuses on communication and efficiency.  We make sure our business and customers are on the same page which in turn leads to having clean job sites, efficient work, and great results! 




Preston T Doxey


Born and raised in Ogden Utah, Preston has deep roots in one the most interesting towns in the country.  He has managed teams and marketed for various companies across the U.S. For the last 8 years he has delivered customers high quality service and work and now he's finally bringing it back home.


Lorenzo Doxey

VP Marketing

After an early high school graduation, Lorenzo acquired his drone pilot license and began working with various clients and businesses to increase their online presence. Now, he's here to show the high-quality product and service that Dox Concrete Coatings does best.

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